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Full range of mortgage related financial counseling services

  • Would you like to buy property in Prague or anywhere else in the Czech Republic either for your personal use or as highly promising investment and finance it by a mortgage but you do not know how to proceed locally?
  • Would you like to use the property you are buying as a lien and pay your mortgage by lease generated by the property?
  • You do not know Czech mortgage market specifics,
  • You do not know the Czech legal environment with regards to mortgages for foreigners,
  • Would you like to find the bank and mortgage product best matching your requirements?
  • You do not know that even if you do not have Czech residency permit and you are not an EU citizen there are still ways to buy Czech property and finance it by a mortgage.
  • Do you need help with founding a company in order to buy property in the Czech Republic?
  • Do you need a local advisor to guide you through all the processes related to mortgages and buying property in the Czech Republic?

If the answer to any of the points above is Yes then the solution is easy. Hypoconsulting is an independent mortgage broker offering the following services:

Free of Charge Services:
  • Analysis of client’s requirements and situation while taking Czech law and local mortgage market specifics into consideration. Defining of specifications for next steps.
  • Addressing eligible banks with the enquiries based on the specifications made above.
  • Dealing with a developer or a real state agency
  • Preselecting bank offers in order to build a shortlist.
  • Presenting the shortlist in order to help the client to make the final decision.
  • Dealing with the selected bank on the client’s behalf in order to get the best possible conditions.
  • Administration support with the mortgage application documents preparation and submission to the bank.
  • Assistance with loan withdrawal.
Chargeable services:
  • Activities connected to the founding of a limited company in order to buy property by non-EU citizens.
  • Activities connected to dealing with local authorities in order to receive building approval and other documentation.

If you are interested in any of the services described above, please be so kind to fill in the short contact form below or send an email to You will be contacted shortly in order to discuss the next steps.

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